AC/DC Interactive LCD Concert MOD


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The AC/DC Interactive LCD Concert MOD replaces the original factory “Dancing Band” toy on Stern’s AC/DC
premium and LE model pinball machines. Our free custom Windows7 video editing software, included with
the purchase of this MOD, allows you to easily create your own custom videos that are featured on the MOD’s
LCD screen during game play.  Here is a list of the interactive features:

  1. Attract Video – Plays when when the game is in attract mode
  2. Song Select Image  РDisplays when the jukebox is active and the player is selecting a new song
  3. Song Mode Videos – Each of the 12 songs featured in the pinball machine have their own videos
  4. Mini-Playfield Video – Plays when the mini-playfield is active
  5. Encore Video – Plays during Encore mode
  6. Drain Image – Displays when the player loses his/her ball

All of the media files (videos/images) displayed on the LCD screen are stored on an 8GB USB drive provided with
the MOD. Using our proprietary video editing software, you can create as many videos/images as you want for any
of the interactive features listed above. For example, you can have 10 different “Attract Videos” if you’d like.
You just place the desired video files in the “Attract” folder on the USB drive and the MOD will cycle through the
10 videos, playing a different video each time attract mode is activated. You can literally play for hours and
never see the same video twice. In addition, all of the videos/images are displayed in high definition via HDMI.

The software is extremely easy to use and even gives you the ability to download source videos directly from

Here is a sample YouTube video showing off what our system can do (everything displayed on the LCD screen was
created with our video editing software):

The MOD includes the following items:

  1. LCD Assembly – 5″ HD LCD screen, black powder coated metal mounting frame and plastic screen protector
  2. Circuit Board Assembly – Acrylic mounting plate, LCD driver board and Raspberry Pi
  3. Power Cable
  4. Serial to USB Cable
  5. USB Extension Cable
  6. 8GB SD Card
  7. 8GB USB Drive
  8. HDMI Cable
  9. Electronic Copy of Installation Manual
  10. Misc. Hardware

This MOD is 100% reversible and does not require any permanent modifications to your pinball machine.

Example Attract Video:

Example Song Select Image: